UNIT has experience to provide Finance solutions:
1.  LOS - Loan Origination System
2.  Digital Banking
3.  SBV’s Reporting System
4.  Business Process Management Solutions
5.  Portfolio Management System
6.  Stock Deposit Management System
7.  Information Portal

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For Insurrance, there are many applications has been developed and launched at customers:
1. Agency Compensation System
2. Agency Portal System
3. Budget Monitoring System
4. Investment Portfolio Management
5. eProcurement & Asset Management System
6. Business Process Management Solutions
7. Online Quotation System
We consult and implement typical solutions for enterprise clients:
1. eProcurement System
2. Asset Management System
3. Construction Management System
4. Budget Management System
5. Portfolio Management System
6. Human Resource Management System
7. CANARY - ERP System for trading Companies
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