Volunteering – “UNIT Love Wings” at the center Diamond Born

In the year 2017, besides the goal in developing and expand the company, UNIT also pays a significant attention to community-based plans such as organizing volunteer programs for all workers of the company who can participate in meaningful and practical activities. As the start of this program, on March 4th, UNIT family came to visit, give gifts and play with the children at Diamond Center in which 21 young children ranging from 1 to 15 years of age have been taken care. They all have Osteogenesis Imperfecta – a genetic disease characterized by bones that break easily also referred to as bone disease, imperfect bone disease)

UNIT family came to visit, give gifts and play with the children there. During the event, everyone had many precious and relaxing moments through talking and sharing together. Short games with the participation of children and UNIT family members made a lot of laughter for a busy Saturday morning. In addition, despite the hot weather, the staffs have tried to complete approximate 100 square meter of new carpet for the children and the convenience of activities.

They also joked: "We will come back for yard maintenance and meet the nice teacher of the center." In addition, children's studying bookshelve is also added some new books and newspapers which are donated by the crew of the company.

The UNIT's first volunteer in 2017 ended with new experiences. We hope that, by collective strength, the UNIT family may be able to share more LOVE, work together to build a growing UNIT with vulture and humanity.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 at UNIT Corp

On the last Friday afternoon, 21 September 2018 (or 12 August in lunar calendar), a tea - cake party on the occasion of Mid-Autumn 2018 took place at the UNIT office. The party happened in a warm atmosphere and a space filled with the color of mid-autumn festival.


Last weekend, the meeting of SEMI SUM-UP 2018 successfully took place at PHOENIX Hotel - Vung Tau. This is an annual meeting for UNIT staff who are holding the position of middle or higher managers.


As one of the 24 football teams of the HCA Extension XIII - 2018 - a friendly football tournament among members of the HCA as well as with businesses and organizations in the IT sector, UNIT Corp has also involved with a spirit of excitement and energy.