Information portal for Bank and Finance Company

To provide helpful information to clients and investors about product, market information, campaign programs, support tools such as loan calculation, deposit interest… or execute and query history financial transactions.

Portfolio Management System

The system use to manage investment portfolio of Financial Company, control and monitor buying and selling Stock, Bond, Deposit in Portfolio, determine the current value of portfolio as well as manage the interest earning of Bond and Deposit.

Stock Deposit System

The system manages the stock portfolio of traders at Banks having Stock Deposit function. System connect online with VSD (Vietnam Stock Deposit Center) to compare and adjust Stock volume of traders.

Solutions base on BPM Framework

Other Business Process implements on workflow framework such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Redhat BPM, IBM BPM.

State Bank of Vietnam Reporting System

The system is developed powerful enough for query data from Core Banking, Core Finance, and other data source to calculate and return data base on requirement and follow State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) data structure defined by SBV’s Circular (CIC, AML, 21, 35…)

Loan Origination System

Base on BPM Framework of IBM BPM, Redhat BPM, UNIT provides total solution for Loan Management Process from loan document receipt process, customer evaluation and underwriting process, loan approval process, disbursement process to loan document liquidation.

Digital Banking System

Vayana is a financing network that enables Businesses and their Trade Partners to capture their entire receivable and payable trades electronically and finance through Banks and Financial Institutions

Card Management System

BANKWORKS is an end-to-end solution supporting all aspects of card issuing and acquiring services needed by financial organizations to operate as professional players in the market.