Digital Banking System

In the rapidly evolving digital world, applying digital platform assists banks to nurture and grow close ties with customers through a superior and seamless omnichannel experience. Our product philosophy has been to deliver simple, pervasive, secure and relevant solutions to Bank customers.


Why should you switch into digital banking?

·To reduce costs:Banks are under pressure to reduce their costs to remain competitive.If you don’t make the switch to digital banking, you must, for example, continue to invest in expensive legacy hardware and software to maintenance and keep these systems up to date.

·To increase revenue:Banks need to have a 360-degree view of their customers. Applying intelligent systems to gather customer intelligence and make them become more customer-centric. Excellent customer experience leads to a larger market share.

·To attract and retain customers: Fintech and other newcomers have shaken up the banking landscape. As a result, the demand for improved customer experience and personalized services grows, and the products and services of established banks are more expensive. Digital banking enables you to improve customer experience and lower costs, which is needed to stay ahead of the pack.

·To explore the benefits of new technologies:New technologies, such as data analytics, open APIs, block-chain and cognitive banking are predicted to impact banking business models. However, legacy systems limit the ability of banks to react quickly to these developments. You need full digitization to explore the benefits of these technologies and future-proof your bank.

Going digital means more than just having a fancy website or app. However, making the switch to a full digital bank is critical to improve customer relationships, such as:

-Mobile banking: The mobile is no longer just a communication device. It has become your customer’s identity and your point of entry into their life.

-Internet banking: Internet banking is still a big part of the customer-banking interactions; that’s why we are constantly at work to make it more engaging, intelligent, intuitive and user friendly.

-Chatbot banking: Moving a step closer towards "banking without interface”, our banking bot can be your customer’s personal banking assistant, answering questions, pulling out balances and sharing information and interesting facts.

-Chatbot banking: tiến gần hơn tới khái niệm "ngân hàng phi giao diện”, hệ thống chatbot của chúng tôi có thể làm trợ lý tài chính cho khách hàng của bạn, giúp khách hàng trả lời những câu hỏi, truy xuất số dư tài khoản, chia sẻ thông tin và những mẹo vặt tài chính thú vị.

-Wearable banking: Now that wearables have progressed from being a fashion statement to a lifestyle device, we can use them to monitor more than our health; we can use them to track our financial health. With our Wearable Banking, you can notify customers about balances, remind them about bills due, allow them to make payments and much more.

-API banking: Instead of customers interacting with their ERP systems and the bank’s channels separately, our Corporate Banking APIs handle banking directly from the ERP. These secure APIs can be integrated within the corporate ERP system to fetch balances, initiate transactions and retrieve transaction statuses.

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