CheckinPro – Digital Transformation of Checkin/Checkout Control Process

Welcome to CheckinPro – an optimal technology product manufactured by UNIT

With the mission of creating features beyond customers’ expectations, CheckinPro is an application that helps businesses manage data about guests’ entry/exit intelligently and comprehensively.
CheckinPro completely replaces the manual entry and exit logging method, minimizing shortcomings of this method.

Not just a “digital diary” that records the process of guests entry and exit, CheckinPro also informs related persons of guests’ appointments using extensions such as sending reminder emails, sending messages with real-time photos and recording feedback on appointments.

With quick manipulations on technology devices and integrated smart features available through UNIT’s API, CheckinPro will make welcoming guests professional and impressive, increasing guest experience and satisfaction when visiting your business.

The CheckinPro project development team is highly qualified software engineers with creativity and breakthroughs in their thinking. Therefore, we are confident that choosing CheckinPro is a choice following the trend and a comprehensive choice.

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