CheckinPro – an application developed with the mission to help Organizations and Companies welcome their guests in an INTELLIGENT, COMPREHENSIVE and MODERN way



Show the spirit of 4.0

entirely replacing the method of recording the guests’ Check-in – Check-out information, minimizing the common errors resulting from manual method.

Convenient declaration

Convenient declaration in various forms: enter information into Kiot, scan QR code, scan ID card, Passport

Touchless fucntion

Visitors could scan QR code and declare directly on their cell phones

Fully meet the required features and be likely used

Fully meet the required features and be likely used flexibly for many different purposes such as registering Check-in – Check-out, storing guest information, automatically issuing detailed reminders, printing QR codes for guests, timekeeping of staff, etc.

Multi-device support

Operating system on various devices such as Desktop, Tablet, phone

Interface personalization

Set up interface by each organization and each location using the system


Manage guests accessing facilities in a simple, efficient and professional manner

Create meeting invitations, help users proactively control meeting schedules and attendees, and send reminders to such guests

Event management: manage guests professionally and effectively

Touchless and Medical Declaration: Support companies in gathering and controlling medical declarations of guests. Prevent diseases in a simple and efficient way

Control working hours of employees by time attendance feature, summarize reports on employees’ working hours

Key features

Optical character recognition - OCR: By adopting OCR technology, CheckinPro speeds up the process of guest identification and accurately extracts the information from a variety of identity documents such as Citizen ID card, Passport, Driver’s License, etc.

Self-service Kiosk: CheckinPro’s kiosks make a new and modern digital transaction space, allowing guests to perform check-in without any help of front office.

Interface customization: Flexible interface customization makes CheckinPro a good brand identity channel. Product configuration allows any changes in specific logos, colors and images of each Organization or Company.

Various methods of Checkin: Guests can check in by one of the following methods: QR code scanning, Identity documents or phone number

Easy integration: CheckinPro is integrated with other systems such as HRM, CRM, Training System, ERP, and Messaging system (SMS, Viber, Zalo, Mobile Notify, Email, etc.)

Information security and confidentiality: The data of ChekinPro is always encrypted during its storage. This product has passed Penetration Test of third party, NCC Group, and thus meets the requirement for security patches.

Environment and technology

Contact about products

Hotline: (+84 28) 3 9295 666

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