On January 5th, 2024, within the framework of End Year Sumup 2023, UNIT Technology Corporation held a closing ceremony at Capella convention center – 3/2 Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

The program includes two main parts: End Year Sumup 2023 and Gala Dinner with the theme “Improvement and Onboaring“. With the full participation of more than 280 UNIT employees and the presence of distinguished guests, the program was a success.

In 2024, UNIT continues to improve quality, upgrade products and services with consulting capacity, thereby creating a solid foundation to enter the global market as well approaching large customers. With the reputation and quality of service that UNIT has built over the years, by 2024 UNIT aims to become a strong and high-ranking brand in the information technology market.

During the closing ceremony, the UNIT Board of Directors shared the achievements in 2023 and announced good news about the project in early 2024. With the revenue results achieved in recent years, UNIT set the goal is to strive to reach the revenue milestone of 10 million USD in 2024.

With extensive experience specializing in providing software solutions in the fields of finance, banking, insurance and administration, UNIT confidently launches quality, reputable products applying new technologies to the global market and has been trusted by many leading domestic and foreign businesses, such as Business Process Automation Platform – Paperless, Distribution Compensation Management System – DMS.

In addition, during the End Year Sumup 2023, employees had the opportunity to express their feelings and ask questions to the Board of Directors. This is a great opportunity for all members of the UNIT family to understand each other better and bond with each other.


On the same day January 5th, 2024, right after End Year Sumup 2023, UNIT organized a Gala Dinner, an activity in the Year-end Party 2023 series of activities.

The party had many unique and interesting performances, including the martial arts performance from the UNIT martial arts club and The Masked Singer UNIT contest with extremely well-prepared mascots. and carefully brought a musical party full of emotions.

The most special thing was the awarding of 2 cars to Mr. Tran Thanh Tung – Director of FES Division and Mr. Pham Van Dinh – Director of IES Division. This is a gift of gratitude from UNIT to the two of you for your efforts and efforts over the past time.

In parallel, there was a lucky draw activity, many attractive gifts were received by new owners.

Some pictures from the event:​