LDMS products

LDMS is an online contract and legal document management system. The contract management in a Company is to ensure the legality from preparation, negotiation, submission for approval, signing, implementation to Contract completion so as to support and enhance the Company’s administration efficiency.



Multi-flatform, multi-device support

This system is designed on web, mobile flatforms

Direct interaction with Office

Directly interact with Office app, creating favorable conditions for daily working process.

Absolute confidentiality

Help to trace information so as to ensure the information transparency in whole system

Easy to upgrade and expand efficiency

The configuration is easy and flexible for approval process

Effective utility

System utility: reminding through email, authorization, handover, visual reports


Apply Digitalization

Performance of the product

Help enterprises to digitalize and manage contracts.

Ensure the compliance of Contract management in the Company and reduce legal errors

Optimize all Contract management and approval processé, procedures.

Contracts are concentrated and easy to find later on.

Contracts are managed systematically and users are reminded when important milestones such as payment date, expiry date, etc.

Contracts are online managed so that enterprises will be free from working interruption.

Summary of product features

Manage and implement Contract approval procedures

Manage and implement Appendix approval procedures

Manage and implement Acceptance Minutes approval procedures

Manage and implement Liquidation approval procedures

Manage Partners’ and Customers’ information: Representatives, Bank account

Configure approval procedures: responsibility of each role or department in charge of approval.

Environment and Technology

Contact about products

Hotline: (+84 28) 3 9295 666
Email: sales@unit.com.vn

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