The first WFH day of Big Brother Son!


Since UNIT starts WFH 100%, the Communication team held a rapid interview with Mr. Le Hoang Son – CEO about his experience on the first WFH day. As of the fourth Covid-19 outbreak, to huge fluctuations, Mr. Son has "clung” to the office for handling all essential works as well as providing prompt support for any cases required. In the interview with UNIT reporter, Mr. Son shared:

After more than 20 years working here, this is the first time I work from home (WFH). Sai Gon is the place where my extended family have lived for 150 years and more. I am really worried about Sai Gon when the daily noise from vehicles is instead by frequent blaring ambulance siren. What a sadness! However, this is the common situation and UNIT is responding to the City’s call for fighting against the diseases.

Interviewer: For the first time of working from home after more than 20 years, how your work is affected?

Mr. Son: It can be said that I am so lucky as having a separate reading room, thus my work at home is not affected much in terms of working corner and space. However, I would like to uncover a secret on my first WFH day that I just need to wear a good looking t-shirt (for online meeting within the day) rather than long pants and Western shoes and I don’t need to drive to work. It is quite interesting.

WFH space of UNIT captain

Interviewer: Apart from working space, costumes, what else do you want to share with UNITers about WFH?

Mr. Son: As saving quite much time of travelling, I have more time for exercise. Instead of walking, I welcome a new day by getting up early and spending 1 hour on exercise with full body movements. I work from morning until noon when my Mom calls for lunch, then come back to work until being called for meal again. That I know the working time is over. Also, I hope that UNITers can utilize this time to take care more of themselves and increase their body’s resistance to combat against Covid-19 virus.

Interviewer: Thank you very much, wish you energetic WFH days and have more interesting stories to share with UNIT family. See you in the next interview!

This is our Big Brother Son’s experience about his first WFH day. What is your interesting experience on WFH days? Please share with Communication Team! Many lucky gifts will be sent to the person having the most impressive sharing which will be selected by the Organization Board.

Thank you and see you all soon!

Wish UNIT family good health and safe!

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