As part of a series of plans to develop and improve enterprise capability, and to meet the consistency of managing the software development process, recently on April 9, 2024 at the UNIT office, Project “BUILDING SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS BUILT ON CMMI-3 STANDARD” was officially launched. 

Project kickoff took place successfully with the participation of the Board of Directors of UNIT Company, with representatives of the consulting Company – Mr. Thai Quang Hy – CEO & Founder of IMI Company, Mr. Nguyen Minh Khue – Representative of Improving Private Sector Competitiveness Project (IPSC) of USAID and members participating in the project implementation team from UNIT’s solution groups. Project is managed by Mr. Pham An Vuong Quoc.

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a software quality and schedule management tool, created by Carnegie Mellon University’s Private Software Institute (SEI). CMMI is used to assess the maturity level of organizations in software production and development. CMMI is also in addition a process and behavioral model that assist organizations to better streamline process improvement and encourage productive, reduce risks in software, product, and service development.

CMMi Level 3, also known as “Defined Process”, is the third level in the CMMi model, this level requires the company to have a standard process system for each stage in the development life cycle (Software Development Life Cycle) – SDLC. Shows the organization has made some important strides in establishing and managing processes with key CMMi Level 3 characteristics:

  • Defined Process System: Build and deploy a standard process system for software development activities. These procedures are clearly and completely described and followed consistently.
  • Effective Process Management: Specific project management processes to ensure flexibility and efficiency in implementing and tracking projects.
  • Control and Monitoring: Processes are closely controlled and monitored to ensure that they are operating the way they are defined and meeting quality and performance goals.

Projects are an important step in UNIT’s development strategy with many practical key values brought as follows:

  • Improve software quality: Development process is standardized, ensuring consistency, efficiency and good risk control, helping to minimize errors and improve software product quality.
  • Increase operational efficiency: CMMI standards help optimize processes, save time and costs, and improve the productivity and work efficiency of the development team.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Reduce errors and risks in software development stages, ensure software quality, and improve customer service.
  • Enhance competitiveness: Applying CMMI Level 3 helps improve the company’s capacity, position and brand name in the market
  • Expanding cooperation opportunities: Along with the above advantages, the company has more opportunities to cooperate and develop business with domestic and global partners as well as the end clients.