A product that gives users the full values of access registration.

The Product is the right choice and brings satisfaction to customers.


Professional in welcoming guests

With quick manipulations on technological equipment, welcoming guests becomes professional and impressive.

Enhancing corporate brand

Increase experience & satisfaction of guests thanks to attentive service combined with technology conveniences.

Saving time, manpower and costs

Completely replace the manual entry and exit logging method, minimizing shortcomings of this method.

Wide application in many fields

Meeting full features, flexible use for a variety of purposes such as entrance registration of companies,meetings, events ...


Excellent Features

CheckinPro is created with the mission of helping organizations

businesses to manage guest access data in a SMART and COMPREHENSIVE way.

  • Customizable interface

    Supporting features to change the interface, users can easily change the interface according to the brand identity of their business.

  • Setting up appointment tracking

    Support users to send invitations to customers and candidates before they come to the Company. Track appointment status.

  • Proactive welcome

    Users will be automatically notified by the system as soon as guests complete the entrance registration process without having to wait for the notification from the receptionist as in the traditional method.

  • Comprehensive management of event data

    Provide an overall picture of guests before, during and after the event. Contribute to supporting marketing campaigns to each customer later.

  • Quick tracking

    Quickly track and identify guests who have entered and exited the Company at any time.

  • Improve customer service

    Timely recording customer feedback, contributing to improving the customer service of the Company.


Collection of outstanding news of CheckInPro software

CheckinPro – Digital transformation of checkin/checkout control process

Welcome to CheckinPro - an optimal technology product manufactured by UNIT

Event management in CheckinPro - Make impression right from the check-in step

A memorable event will impress attendees right from the moment guests come in: it must make them really excited and must attract them (instead of waiting until the middle of it).

CCheckinPro is officially launched

On August 6, 2020, UNIT Technology Joint Stock Company officially launched the product CheckinPro Technology.

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