Paperless solution


Convert paper forms to digital forms with OZ e-Form. Access e-Forms anytime, anywhere, and on any device with our innovative business enterprise solution. Automate business processes and save the time for more important business tasks.

Paperless solution is the tailored solution which is combination of OZ eForm system from FORCS Singapore Pte Ltd. and Paperless platform of UNIT Corporation. The system support customers to create digital forms with ease and get it signed electronically with timestamp information. A wide range of dynamic features such as camera, voice recording, e-Signature, barcode recognition, and more are available to meet your business requirements.

Why should you choose our Paperless solution?

Automate your business process

No longer need to manually transfer information collected from paper forms into your system

Speed up your business transaction

No more paperwork when you return to the office, and experience a seamless flow of real time information.

Go paperless – Go green

Reduce your spending on paper cost, printing, distribution, storing and disposal, play your part in saving the environment.

Enhance customer experience

with our paperless solution, customers can submit application straightaway and make a purchase via their mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Our key features:

Rich data input components

Build dynamic business logic

Compatible with other applications

Supported in all browsers

Increase productivity

Powerful eForm designer interface