State Bank of Vietnam Reporting System

Intelligent Report System (IRS )

The intelligent reporting system meets all real-time information query requests from the State Bank according to Official Letter 1396/CNTH5, built on the basis of ISO20022 data exchange standard with high speed processing.
The system can integrate and collect data and synthesize from multi-sources
The system ensures the information confidentiality due to strict compliance with the procedures for encrypting and distributing electric messages with the highest accuracy and fastest speed.
The system is built on Web Service, SOAP 1.2 standards, using HTTP or HTTPS, being easy and convenient for users to access anytime, anywhere via different types of devices.
In addition, the system synthesizes reports and collates the data by query time. The ability to track (system log, activities log, tracking log) and decentralize on person/department makes management easy and flexible.

Regulatory Report System (RRS)
Automatically generate reports on time (daily, monthly, quarterly, ...) in accordance with the provisions of Circular 11, 35, CIC, DIV... issued by State bank of Vietnam.
Synthesize data from various sources, especially from the original data of the bank
Support assigning users into 2 groups: the main user group is responsible for checking reports, the approval group can approve or reject the report that is submitted.
Not only create reports, but also check subtotals, totals in each report, and cross-check between reports, ensuring report accuracy.
Automatically send email notification to the administrator when automatic data entry fails
Enable configuring processes for reporting and assigning user rights at each step.

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