Registration is the first step that people have to take before attending offices and events. And since it’s first step, it needs to be perfectly streamlined in order to give your products or services the right positioning in the customers mind and increase it’s recall value.

eInvoice Solution

On March 30, 2019, UNIT officially received the notice of Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department on permitting the Corporation to provide eInvoice software for enterprises. Accordingly,

Legal Documents Management System

The system with advanced security functions is designed for each department and each user, to ensure absolute data safety in the process of managing interconnection between multi-departments

Construction's Equipment  Management System - CMS

CMS supports multi-modules for automatic data management, provide necessary forecasts and overview for managers to solve problems as possibly soonest.

Asset Management System

The Asset Management System applies for Companies which has many branches and working offices to control and monitor asset value, warehouse for asset, small item, materials at branches, offices, and stock of Company.

Enterprise Resource Planning System

CANARY is an ERP for trading and service Companies including modules purchase, sell, stock management, assets management, payable, receivable, and accounting and finance.

Procurement Management System

The centralize purchasing management system for Companies which has many sub Companies, branches and working offices.