Simplify Your Registration Process to establish our customer Brand Enhancement.

Registration is the first step that people have to take before attending offices and events. And since it’s first step, it needs to be perfectly streamlined in order to give your products or services the right positioning in the customers mind and increase it’s recall value.

In the modern digital age, professionalizing and simplifying CheckIn – Out are essential, that helps increase competitive efficiency of the Business , build-up customer’s trust - Brand Enhancement are factors, that need to be perfected.

How to Simplify the Registration Process ?

CheckinProwas born with a Mission to help Organizations/ Businesses manage CheckIn and CheckOut of guests – In Intelligent and Comprehensive way.

The following are key points to focus on if your company want to simplify Registration process, increase conversions and consequently increase your customer Brand Enhancement.

1. Customer User Interface.

Support for the changing interface features, Users can easily change the Interface according to the organization’s Brand Identity.

2. Assist to schedule and manage customer appointment.

 Users can easily send E-Invitation to customers or candidates before coming to the company. Managing Appointment status.

3. New Initiative to welcome guests.

Notification will be automatically sent to users when the Guest completed Registration Procedure of Company, without waiting for human confirmation or calling as the traditional way.

4. Easy – to – manage Event data management.

Giving An overall picture about number of guests (Before – During – After Event). Convenient for marketing to each customer for next campaign in the future.

5. Quick Query.

Quick Query and identify information In and Out of Customer at any given point in time.

6. Enhance Customer Service.

Quickly receive feedback from customers in order to enhance the Customer Service of Company