Procurement Management System

-Managing the whole process of operations from budget management, purchasing management, asset management to payment process.

-Being designed on the web application platform so users can access anytime, anywhere via internet connection.

-Multi-language interface: default English and Vietnamese

-Supportting for Company models which have many branches.

-Being designed and developed on the enterprise-oriented architecture (Enterprise Architecture), easy to upgrade, expand or integrate with other systems to meet the growing needs of the customers.

-Budget management

oMake budget plans for the year, transfer budgets between departments and projects, adjust budget for the year, monitor and manage budget.

-Purchasing management

+ Create and submit purchasing requests

+ Manage orders

+ Receiving products and hand-ove

-Asset management

+  Receive asset

+  Register asset

+  Assign asset

+  Transfer asset

+  Counting asset

+  Liquidate asset

-Payment process

+  Create and submit payment requests for approval

+  Settle payment for purchases

+  Settle payment for general expense

+  Cash advance/return

+  Travel expense


+ ERP, Sun Accounting and other internal management systems.


+ System allows active configuration approval process and approval limit.

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