Distribution, Compensation & Benefits (C&B) Management System

DMS Unit

UNIT is proud to be the first Vietnamese company to develop and
provide this solution in Vietnam market.


Flexibly manage the sales hierarchy

Provide a mechanism for setting up sales channels and flexible sales hierarchy

Fully manage the lifecycle of insurance agents

- Effectively manage the information of insurance agent
- Fully manage the lifecycle of insurance agents: promotion, downgrade, move, business group ...

Configure dynamic rules and KPI

(Case Count, FYP, RYP, Active Agent)


Automatically collect data and calculate bonus

- Provide information exchange standards for data collection (Database or API)
- Define and configure flexible business rules - Automatically calculate bonus following established rules

Safety and Security

- Fix all common errors (Top 10 OWASP, SonarQube, Checkmarx)
- The system has been tested for security and passed the Penetration Test (security test by attacking the system)