Registration is the first step that people have to take before attending offices and events. And since it’s first step, it needs to be perfectly streamlined in order to give your products or services the right positioning in the customers mind and increase it’s recall value.

Paperless solution

Convert paper forms to digital forms with OZ e-Form. Access e-Forms anytime, anywhere, and on any device with our innovative business enterprise solution. Automate business processes and save the time for more important business tasks.

eInvoice Solution

On March 30, 2019, UNIT officially received the notice of Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department on permitting the Corporation to provide eInvoice software for enterprises. Accordingly,

Digital Banking

In the rapidly evolving digital world, applying digital platform assists banks to nurture and grow close ties with customers through a superior and seamless omnichannel experience. Our product philosophy has been to deliver simple, pervasive, secure and relevant solutions to Bank customers.

Local Payment Gateway (LPG)

LPG provides a centralized management solution to connect multiple payment channels via one system

Information portal for Bank and Finance Company

To provide helpful information to clients and investors about product, market information, campaign programs, support tools such as loan calculation, deposit interest… or execute and query history financial transactions.

Portfolio Management System

The system use to manage investment portfolio of Financial Company, control and monitor buying and selling Stock, Bond, Deposit in Portfolio, determine the current value of portfolio as well as manage the interest earning of Bond and Deposit.

SDS – Stock Deposit System

The system manages the stock portfolio of traders at Banks having Stock Deposit function. System connect online with VSD (Vietnam Stock Deposit Center) to compare and adjust Stock volume of traders.

State Bank of Vietnam Reporting System

The online information collection system provides a direct data exchange solution between the SBV and Credit Institutions based on the ISO20022 data exchange standard. IRS perform real-time query and feedback operations with high security and data integrity. It can process many data exchanges at a time.

Loan Origination System

Base on BPM Framework of IBM BPM, Redhat BPM, UNIT provides total solution for Loan Management Process from loan document receipt process, customer evaluation and underwriting process, loan approval process, disbursement process to loan document liquidation.