On 29 July, UNIT successfully held the SUM-UP S1.2022 meeting in Ho Chi Minh city. This is an annual meeting for UNIT’s employees who hold the position of middle managers or higher.

The meeting took place from 16:30 to 18:30 on the same day with various key contents. Mr. Le Hoang Son – The Company’s Director presented a detailed report about UNIT’s operation status in the first six months. Also, he set out goals and challenges to be faced by UNIT in the last six months of 2022. Besides, Mr. Nguyen Vu Thien An – UNIT’s CTO shared technological matters and “ common problems” to be solved together in the coming time.

At the meeting, concerns of departments in the Company were shared with the Leaders. Hopefully, in the time to come, specifically, in the last six months, all concerns of the Department would be paid attention and dealt with.

The Organization Board would like to send sincere thanks to all of you for your presence in this important meeting of the Company. It is hoped that the issues discussed in this meeting will become a firm base for all of us to jointly build an UNIT with dramatical development and obtain the goals established in the last six months of 2022.