On 22 July, at the New World Saigon hotel, UNIT worked with Red Hat, Tech Data, and KAPPS to successfully hold the Seminar with the subject: Automation in innovation for banking and finance industry. At the seminar, leading specialists from UNIT, Red Hat, KAPPS, and Tech Data distributors respectively presented the outstanding advantages of Paperless, Red Hat OpenShift, as well as transaction platform solutions that integrate Factoring & Supply Chain Finance.

Opening the Seminar, Mr. Le Hoang Son, UNIT’s CEO, shared, “The continuous development of science and technology, the outbreak of data from various sources such as internet devices, analysis systems, smart automation systems, etc., is a challenge for technological companies to develop and further complete quality products, satisfying the market and especially clients in regards to Finance and Banking. Mr. Son emphasized that UNIT was so proud to work with prestigious partners both nationally and internationally to launch optimal technology products, bringing about unique experiences for clients.

After the opening presentation by Mr. Le Hoang Son, Mr. Nguyen Vu Thien An, UNIT’s CTO, gave a speech on Paperless Solutions. In this speech, Mr. An highlighted the outstanding advantages of the system in the process of working digitalization. With Paperless, clients could easily design forms and automatize the working process through Smart Form and BPM, orienting the Paperless office model.

Within the Seminar, solutions and technological applications were respectively presented and drew the attention of a large number of clients.

Mr. Tran Thanh Linh AnSolutions Architect, Red Hat
Content presented: Promotion of the enterprise improvement process with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Mr. Charles Manuel, Vice Chairman of KAPPS Consulting Pte. Ltd
presented the Supply Chain Finance and Factoring Automation of KAPPS

Some images in the events:

Playing the role as a co-organizer, UNIT expressed a special attention to the clients in general and those in the Finance and Banking in particular. With the strategic cooperation with prestigious partners, UNIT was confident to introduce more quality and optimal products to domestical and foreign clients.