The UNIT COMPANY TRIP program, which took place on November 12 and 13, 2022, ended successfully, much to the joy of all members of the UNIT family. Let's look back with the organizers of UNIT-ers' two fiery days during the last trip at Lan Rung Resort in Phuoc Hai, Vung Tau.

The team-building program is elaborately and majestically designed right on the beach. Each UNIT member enthusiastically and wholeheartedly participates in the common goal of successfully reaching the top of the tower. Regardless of age, regardless of department, all of them burned with all their hearts and rhythmically combined with their teammates to overcome each challenge of the program.

Following the heat of Team building, Gala dinner brought UNIT-ers a wide range of emotions with special performances and cultural performances. The first Ms. and Mr. UNIT contest was held right at the UNIT stage, bringing special attention to the audience. Ms. and Mr. UNIT promises to be the key program that the Board of the Organization aims for for its annual company trips.

The trip, which included numerous networking activities, provided more opportunities for the UNIT family to bond and share. With the program’s meaningful messages, the organizers hope that in the coming time, UNIT staff will always be enthusiastic and wholehearted in their work, accompany with UNIT to shine like stars in the Vietnamese technology sky for reaching out to the world!

Some images in the trip: