On 13th July 2023, UNIT has been recognized by Camunda as a Platinum partner in the Asia-Pacific region

UNIT has gained many years of experience in BPM implementations and successfully completed many BPM projects for its clients in the BFSI industry sector whilst acquiring positive feedback.

Presently UNIT is ready to provide Camunda solutions to customers in Vietnam and to the global market thus enabling it to deploy its vast expertise.

Camunda Business Process Management (BPM) is a business process automation platform with outstanding features and widely used by businesses globally; therefore, it is also one of the leading BPM solutions today.

Camunda was founded in Berlin – Germany. Camunda BPM enables organizations to orchestrate processes across people, systems, and devices to continuously overcome complexity and increase efficiency

Note: BPM – Business Process Management is a platform designed for the purpose of modeling, analyzing, measuring, improving, optimizing and automating business processes in the operation of the enterprise.