At the Seamless Middle East 2022 held in Dubai in early June 2022, UNIT was so proud to introduce our outstanding products, services that strongly affirm our position in terms of information technology in the international market

Seamless is the most comprehensive large-scale exhibition regionally, with participation of more than 400 exhibitors and speakers all around the world, exhibiting the latest advancements regarding payment and commercial sectors.

UNIT Technology Corporation’s booth at the Seamless introduced to international friends the Paperless products – Paperless office system.

The exhibition brought about unique experiences, showing the cooperation of organizations, individuals and businesses for a peaceful, cooperative and prosperous Digital World.

The product drew attention of and experienced by several organizations.

UNIT’s Paperless helped to transform and digitize ordinary paper data into digital data.

  • Run on multiple platforms and devices.
  • Simple form with intuitive interface
  • Electronic form
  • Digital and electronic signatures
  • Overall statistics and report

Seamless Middle East made a chance to help Vietnamese Enterprises in general and UNIT in particular to seek for potential clients, enter into contracts, develop distribution channels, expand market share in the Middle East and Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia.

Thereby, professional images of Vietnamese Brands regarding technological products would be widely promoted to international clients.