Over the past few years, digital transformation has been an inevitable trend that enterprises have to follow to develop and modernize their business. Noticeably, epidemics is a strong thrive accelerating this process faster than ever before. Enterprises engaging in all sectors are forced to transform, and to get digital technology involved in their activities so as to enhance their working efficiency.

As one of few prestigious Financial and Business Administration Solution Providers in Vietnam and in the world, UNIT Corporation always undertakes the mission of providing customers with outstanding technological products. Understanding this actual demand on digital transformation, UNIT has developed a Paperless system – Paper digital flatform and business process or known as the paperless office system. This system has been successfully implemented for various customers in different fields nationwide and worldwide: Finance and Banking, Insurance, Business.

aperless Solution is designed with a combination between OZ eForm system from FORCS of Korea and Paperless flatform of UNIT Corporation. The customer service system creates digital forms and electronic signature easily. A number of other outstanding features such as camera, voice recording, barcode recognition, eKYC integration, BPM business processes and others are available to fulfill business requirements.
With Paperless – replacement of paper forms by digital forms, users can conveniently access everywhere, every time and by all devices. The process automation helps to satisfy the requirements on business management process.

Paperless helps enterprises:

  • – Alter paper forms into Smart forms
  • – Automate business process
  • – Increase transaction speed
  • – Increase enterprises’ professionalism
  • – Improve customers’ experiences
  • – Enhance working efficiency
  • – Reduce printing, paper storage cost.

Thanks to outstanding and predominant features, Paperless – Paperless office system which was developed by UNIT is selected as an excellent product in the software industry, Vietnam Technology and Information belongs to the group of Digital Change Flatforms and won 2021 Sao Khue Award.

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