The digitization level reflects the professionalism of an enterprise

The software development services provided by UNIT aim to satisfy enterprises’ demand on diversified digitalization.

Programming languages and technology

Software development and implementation

Software development and implementation

UNIT provides software development services at the customers’ request according to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Consulting, analysis, design, programming, testing, acceptance.

Implementation: Implement UNIT’s and international partners’ software products.

System conversion and upgrade

Convert and upgrade old software into new ones, from old-fashioned technologies into new ones, from these databases into the others, etc.

Some practical applications:

  • Convert from a windows form into a web-based form

  • Convert the system from an aged framework into a new one

  • Convert the system from On Premis environment into Cloud environment, etc.

System maintenance

Help Clients to maintain and update software based on the under-using software at the customers’ environment.

Software testing

UNIT provides software testing services, including:

  • Testing by functions

  • Testing the software’s processing speed