On April 12, at the headquarters of Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank, the launching ceremony of the project: Building a digital business automation platform between Sacombank and UNIT Technology Joint Stock Company took place.

At the ceremony, Sacombank was represented by Ms. Quach Thanh Ngoc Thuy – Deputy General Director cum Director of Operations Division; Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam – Deputy General Director cum Director of Personal Banking Division; Mr. Tran Thai Binh – Director of Information Technology Division cum Director of Digital Transformation Center, along with leaders of business units, technology units, and relevant departments. On the UNIT side, Mr. Le Hoang Son – General Director and representatives of relevant departments and project implementation team were present.

The project of building a digital business automation platform is one of Sacombank’s strategic digital transformation projects for the periods 2025 and 2030. Accordingly, in the first phase (2023 – 2024), Sacombank will focus on building a technology platform that meets and complies with the target architecture, as well as continuously developing, integrating, operating, and expanding it. The bank will also streamline the processes involved in staff work at the counter, interacting with customers on various channels, understanding customer needs, and preventing money laundering and internal operations. This aims to minimize manual operations and increase automation.

After the implementation, Sacombank’s customers will have a more convenient experience with reduced form-filling and shorter transaction times. The bank aims to increase its operational efficiency through the automation of business processes.

Sacombank has trusted and partnered with UNIT as a strategic partner to deploy a Business Process Automation (BPA) platform using Camunda technology and digitize documents, Forcs eForms and other advanced technologies that demonstrating the importance of the project in the bank’s comprehensive digital transformation efforts.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Thai Binh, Director of the IT Department and Director of the Digital Transformation Center of Sacombank emphasizes: “User experience is always the driving force for digital transformation activities at Sacombank. The integration of Business Process Automation (BPA) platform with other advanced automation technologies, which will help the bank optimize and redesign its business processes to focus on customer-centricity and create a perfect customer experience in the shortest time, while also improving service quality and productivity. I believe that these strategic actions will help Sacombank keep up with the strong global trend of digital transformation”. Mr. Binh hopes that with the support of Camunda and the implementation capacity of UNIT, the unit will be able to efficiently support Sacombank in operating the BPA platform, as well as collaborating to implement many new technology products in the future.

Mr. Le Hoang Son shared: “UNIT is a technology company specialized in providing reputable Financial, Banking, Insurance, and Management software solutions and products in both domestic and foreign markets. UNIT is honored to cooperate with Sacombank, one of the largest Joint Stock Commercial Banks in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, to implement this BPA platform project”.

Mr. Le Hoang Son – CEO of UNIT Technology Corporation

Representatives from CAMUNDA and FORCS also participated in the ceremony. Camunda BPA is a business process automation platform from Germany with outstanding features and is widely used by businesses globally, making it one of the popular BPA solutions today. Meanwhile, FORCS specializes in providing digital solutions for forms, documents, and electronic information management from South Korea. The Forcs eForm solution contributes to quickly digitizing forms, documents, and increasing operational flexibility.

Recognizing technology as the cornerstone of its development strategy, in 2021, Sacombank established the Digital Transformation Center (DTC) and operated it according to international standards. With a highly skilled and experienced team and advanced working methods, the DTC is considered the key to the bank’s digital transformation journey. In a short time, a series of important projects have been implemented, such as the Omnichannel digital banking platform, high-tech products and services like the Sacombank Mastercard Only One international card with integrated chip, ATMs, data quality management framework, Microservices architecture system, and API ecosystem…

Through outstanding efforts, Sacombank has built a diverse ecosystem of products and services that serve 15 million customers. As of now, digital transactions at Sacombank account for 97%, with product usage frequency continuing to increase and customer satisfaction rates exceeding 99%. In 2022 alone, Sacombank received a series of prestigious awards for its digital transformation activities, such as the “Outstanding Digital Transformation Bank” award presented by IDG International Data Group and the Vietnam Bankers Association (VNBA), the “Innovation Breakthrough” award for pioneering digital technology presented by Mastercard, and the “Best Digital Transformation Bank Vietnam 2022” award presented by International Business Magazine…

Some pictures from the event: