In the morning of August 17, 2017, at Novotel Hotel Ho Chi Minh, Unit Corp, Redhat, CNM and Ingram jointly organized “Red Hat Solutions” Workshop.

The workshop took place in a warm atmosphere with the participation of more than 50 guests from many big companies and banks. The main content of the workshop was to introduce and update the products currently provided by RedHat.

Starting the workshop, Mr. Le Hoang Son – CEO of UNIT gave an opening speech sharing about RedHat and collaboration of the 2 companies. He said that Unit highly appreciated RedHat’s approach to Vietnam market and prospects of cooperation for mutual development

Mr. Le Hoang Son – CEO of UNIT gave an opening speech for the workshop

After that, the guests listened to presentation of foreign experts from RedHat, Mr. Saravanan – Channels & Alliances gave Introduction about Red Hat, Mr. Nicky Phun – Regional Sales Director also shared about Solutions from Unix to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Mr. Saravanan provided "Introduction about Red Hat"

As one of the workshop’s contents, Mr. Gan Cheng Kuan presented solutions based on Redhat JBOSS, JBPM platform with the assistance of Mr. An – UNIT’s Production Director.

Mr. An assisted in presenting solutions based on Redhat JBOSS, JBPM platform

The atmosphere of the workshop was extremely ebullient, especially in Question – Answer (Q&A) section at the end; Banking sector showed the most interest in matters addressed in the workshop.

Representatives of RedHat and Unit took photos together

Red Hat, Inc. is an American software company providing open source software product for business community. Established in 1993, Red Hat’s Head office is located in Raleigh, North Carolina with branches all over the world. Red Hat has been associated at high level with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Enterprise’s operating system and procurement of open source middleware provider for JBoss Enterprise. Red Hat provides platforms for operating systems, middleware, applications, management product and assistance, training and consulting services. Remarkably, Red Hat became the first open source company ever with the turnover of more than one billion US dollars in 2012 and annual turnover of 1.13 billion US dollars.

UNIT is currently a strategic partner of Red Hat, accordingly, Unit shall be the enterprise in cooperation with distribution and development of RedHat’s products in Vietnam market.