On the morning of September 14, Mr. Steven Thomas – Strategic Account Manager, Asia Pacific (APAC) at Camunda had a visit and worked at the headquarters of UNIT Technology Joint Stock Company in Ho Chi Minh City.

During this business trip, Mr. Steven also met the customers who are applying the Camunda BPM platform. On the occasion of his visit to UNIT, he shared details about a new technology solution – Camunda Platform 8 solution. This new Camunda platform is introduced with outstanding advantages, especially, it can be deployed on both Cloud and On-Premise environments that support Microservices, and NoSQL databases…

Through Mr. Steven’s sharing, UNIT is proud to be assessed by Camunda as the first company in Vietnam capable of consulting and deploying Camunda BPM solutions to businesses that need digital transformation in business operations. At present, UNIT is also ready to provide excellent solutions of Camunda to customers not only in the territory of Vietnam but also in the international market.

The visit of Camunda leaders has partly demonstrated the close relationship between UNIT and Camunda, and at the same time confirmed that UNIT is a strategic partner with sufficient capacity and experience, ready to bring good solutions on Camunda BPM platform to customers in the era of digital transformation.

Note: BPM – Business Process Management is a platform designed for the purpose of modeling, analyzing, measuring, improving, optimizing and automating business processes in the Company’s operations.