On January 5, 2023, within the framework of
UNIT Year End Party 2022, the Company held an Open Talk with the theme: “Training & Reaching Far” at Callary convention center. With the hope that the Board of Directors and all Employees will have moments of sharing about life and work in the past challenging 2022, the Open Talk has created a cozy, close, non-separating between the Board of Directors and Employees.

Sticking to this year’s theme, in 2023, UNIT will be cautious to operate businesses in the face of volatile economic conditions and through that, we need to train to have a healthy body ready for welcoming new opportunities, to train to have a strong apparatus and organization, to train to improve professionalism, work efficiency as well as business efficiency. From there, creating a jumping momentum to reach out to the great sea.

Also in the Open Talk, UNIT’s Board of Directors also continuously shared the good news about the project in early 2023 and the revenue achieved in 2022, UNIT has become one of the “hundred-billion enterprises” in Vietnam. From there, creating a jumping momentum to reach out to the great sea. Besides, during the Open Talk, UNITERs had the opportunity to share their hearts and ask questions to the Board of Directors. This is a great opportunity for all members of the UNIT family to get to know each other better and bond with each other.


On the same day, January 5, 2023, right after the Open Talk activity, UNIT held a Gala Dinner, an activity in the series of Year End Party 2022 activities. The party is dedicated to UNITERs with many cultural activities bearing the identity of each department.

In parallel with the Lucky Draw activity, many attractive gifts have been had new owners.

Some pictures from the event: