On August 15, 2023, the signing ceremony and kick-off of the Distribution Management System Project between Shinhan Life Vietnam and UNIT took place with great success.

Attending the ceremony, From Shinhan Life Vietnam, (Front Left) Mr. Bae Seung Jun – General Director; (Left of Mr Jun) Mr. Lee Seok Hwan – Deputy General Director, and leaders of related departments. From UNIT, (Front Right) Mr. Le Hoang Son – General Director and representatives of related departments and project implementation team.

Distribution Management System – DMS (Distribution Management System) was built and developed to automate the management of insurance distribution channels (traditional agency channels, insurance distribution channels via banks, channels (distribution through enterprises), systematize building life cycle journey of insurance agents to monitor multi-channel activities, thereby building appropriate policy programs to promote the sales team.

The DMS system optimizes the calculation of commission payments, paying bonuses to agents automatically with high accuracy based on the policies issued for the insurance distribution channels, at the same time, supports the insurance company. Flexibility to adjust criteria and criteria to suit business needs.

The efficiency that the project brings: limiting possible errors from manual systems, helping to manage income and payment for agents consistently and professionally, saving costs and the resources involved in management. DMS Manages and calculates premiums for insurance agents, shortens the time to calculate payments for insurance agents, compatible and easy to integrate with systems already within insurance ecosystem.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Bae Seung Jun – General Director of Shinhan Life Vietnam said: “Shinhan Life Vietnam is very happy to cooperate with UNIT in implementing the Distribution Management System Project . We expect that with its expertise and experience, UNIT will bring the best results for this project. Through standardizing the entire management process and calculating rewards for distribution channels in a professional and accurate manner, Shinhan Life is able to build a strong and professional team, promote business activities and lead the way. achieve the set growth goals”.

Mr. Le Hoang Son shared: “UNIT is honored to cooperate with Shinhan Life Vietnam, one of the large and prestigious insurance companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia to implement the Distribution Management System Project ”.

Mr. Le Hoang Son – CEO of UNIT Technology Corporation

In addition, the ceremony was witnessed by the leaders and representatives of the project teams of the two sides

About Shinhan Life Vietnam

Shinhan Life Vietnam Insurance Company Limited has an initial charter capital of VND 2,320 billion, is a life insurance company under Shinhan Life Insurance Corporation, Korea. Officially operating insurance business in Vietnam market from January 2022, Shinhan Life provides life insurance, health insurance and financial investment services.