UNIT COMPANY TRIP 2023 program with the theme "Breaking limits, conquering peaks" taking place on September 8, 9, 10, 2023 ended successfully in the joy of all members. UNIT family. Let's look back with the organizers at UNITers' brilliant journey during their recent trip to Nha Trang

The Team building program is elaborately and majestically designed right on the beach at Diamond Bay Nha Trang. Each UNIT member is enthusiastic and participates wholeheartedly for a common goal of overcoming all challenges and conquering the pinnacle of success. Regardless of age, regardless of department, everyone worked hard and harmoniously coordinated with their teammates to overcome each challenge of the program.

Continuing the heat of Team building, Gala dinner brings UNITers a variety of emotions with special performances in the competition “The Amazing Show. Even more special is the lucky draw, which are valuable gifts for lucky people in the program. Here all members of the UNIT family relieved all work pressure, joined the party, everyone had fun and gave each other bright smiles.

The trip with many connection activities helped the UNIT family have more opportunities to bond and share. With the meaningful messages that the program brings, the organizers hope that in the coming time, UNIT staff will always be enthusiastic and enthusiastic in their work, accompanying UNIT to shine like stars in the technology sky. Viet reaches out to the world just like the theme of the program “BREAKING LIMITS, CONQUERING THE PEAK”.

Some pictures from the event: