On January 18, 2022, the UNIT Open Talk and Awards Ceremony 2022 was held online through Zoom Webinar with the title: “Connection and Reconstruction”

The program called attention of a large number of UNIT members, especially those who are working in at the customers’ office or working remotely could participate in and feel the program’s atmosphere. The Company’s employees around the North – Central – South Regions, and from all centers gathered in a special online program.

With a consistent, modern and high-quality equipment system and Webinar technical team specialized in holding online seminars, conferences, the program was successfully organized and conveyed lively sounds and images to all audiences.

In the program, the Executive Board shared the Company’s operation status in 2021 and development orientation in 2022. Policies that are going to applied from 2022 were disclosed.

At the Awards Ceremony 2021, outstanding individuals and groups who gained excellent achievements and activities last year were honored. This is a recognition and gratitude for the efforts and contributions made by UNIT members.

Congratulations to the individuals and groups who won the awards 2021. Hopefully, UNIT members will keep making efforts to further go with UNIT’s sustainable development year by year.

The Organization Board would like to express our sincere thanks to Webinar technical team for great support in the course of program preparation and organization.

Wish you HAPPINESS – HEALTH – PEACE in new year!

Webbinar Services - Online Seminar

With long experience in supporting events in terms of online and offline seminars, UNIT provides a full package of Webinar support services:

  • On-site IT Support team for the event
  • Organize and arrange equipment for the event
  • Ensure the stale transmission line and equipment during the event
  • Record and play online audio and video when the event takes place
  • Compile clips after events