DMS system (Distribution, Compensation and Benefit Management System) is created to automate the management and calculation of bonuses, contributing to increase in labor productivity, accuracy, management scope and bonus calculation of insurers.


unique features

Transparent System

Systematize insurance agent lifecycle management processes in a clear and transparent manner.

Flexible setup

Be flexible in setting KPIs, bonus Schemas, bonuses subject to business results and applicable subjects.

Transparent payment

Provide specific Payslip to each agent.

Automatic calculation

Automatically calculate bonuses within the time given.

Convenient management

Manage accounts payables, receivables, withheld amounts and payment operations for the entire agent structure.

Detailed and flexible settings

Detail items related to accounting records and books (GL, Compensation, Reconcile, etc.) in a flexible manner.


Possible errors in case of manual operation are minimized.

Insurers can manage their income and make payments, consistently and professionally, to agents.

Costs and resources involved in bonus management and calculation for insurance agents are reduced.

The time of bonus calculation and payment to insurance agents is shortened.

KPIs, bonus schema and formulas are conveniently managed and amended on the system.

Agent information such as promotion, income, and financial information is available for easy sharing through channels as Agency Portal, etc..

Key features

DMS product (Distribution Compensation and Benefit Management System) is perfectly designed for both Bancassurance and traditional channel.

  1. Recruitment:

    • Support candidate data entry.

    • Create and add agent code to tree diagram of structure.

    • Manage the classes and certificates the agents attend and obtain.

    • Grant the right to sell products after the agent obtains certificates.

    • Monitor the agent’s compliance.

2. Promotion/Degradation: Conduct promotion/degradation as per the prescribed process.
3. Transfer: Transfer to appropriate positions and departments.
4.Termination: Impose conditions and requirements in case of termination by the agent.
5.Re-joining: Impose conditions and requirements when the agent re-joins the insurer.

  1. KPI calculation: Set up KPIs for specific month, quarter, half of year, or year per memo for agents.

  2. Reward/emulation: calculate bonuses for agents based on such KPIs.

  3. Salary calculation: Summarize basic salary, bonus, allowances and taxes.

  1. Manage revenues, expenses and withheld amounts

  2. Set up accounting accounts and bank forms

  3. Apply payment process

Environment and technology


Với những tính năng vượt trội và ưu việt, giải pháp DMS của UNIT đã xuất sắc nhận được danh hiệu sao khuê 2019 do Hiệp hội Phần mềm và Dịch vụ CNTT Việt Nam (VINASA) trao tặng

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