Napas ACH

This is a solution providing financial switching and electronic clearing system (ACH – Automated Clearing House), a model of connecting financial switching and clearing between NAPAS and member banks.
ACH is an automated clearing system satisfying the requirements of clearing resolution of low value retail payments (Debit/Credit) transactions (usually retail, 24/7, or low value transactions, great number of daily transactions), and processing transactions or batches among participants.



Multi-flatform, multi-device support

Designed on a microservice platform, running the Kubernetes (K8s) platform.

Unlimited transaction e-message

Not limit messages.

Unlimited copyright

Not limit copyright of users.

Easy to upgrade and expand effeciency

Easily upgrade and enhance performance in case of increase in transaction volume.

Optional at requests

Customize the software as required by customer.

Absolute confidentiality

Pass Pentest and Scancode with all security errors.


Meet 24/7 transactions available for customers.

Address a large number of transactions.

Offer many benefits to banks and customers because of low transaction processing fees.

Minimize errors in transaction processing.

Be more safe according to ISO 20022 standard and apply digital signatures to transaction messages.

Provide more services such as batch transaction, Request to Pay, Money transfer via phone number.

Key features

Store used queries as a historical data source for risk assessment

Control duplicate queries.

Carry out real-time or batch transaction control and processing

Manage identity – decentralized

Manage identity – centralized

Support automatic comparison and check

Environment and technology

Contact about products

Hotline: (+84 28) 3 9295 666

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