SBV Reporting System

SBV reporting system is built for the purpose of automatic figure reporting and statistics by banks and financial institutions, meeting the requirements promulgated by the State Bank under Circulars 02, 03, 11 and 35, official dispatch 1396, CIC, DIV, etc.



Meet regulations under the State's Circulars

Meet not only the requirements of Circulars 02, 03, 11 and 35, Official dispatch 1396, CIC, DIV, etc. but also Circular 41 prescribing the calculation of Capital adequacy ratio (CAR) based on BASEL II standard.

Demand satisfaction design

Designed to meet the reporting requirements of SBV in the future.

Arising automatic data

Report forms may configure and define auto-generated data for reports.

Convenient and easy

Built on Webapp platform, so it is easy and convenient for users to access at any time and anywhere through various types of devices.

Automatic report from time to time

Automatically prepare reports according to defined time

Prepare schedule and remind

Schedule and remind to send reports when due


Reports are automatically made on time (daily, monthly, quarterly, etc.) as specified in applicable circulars and official dispatches.

Data is automatically aggregated from different sources, especially from original data of bank, improving business performance and cutting down manual works.

The cross-check of data reduces errors of reporting.

Reports are summarized and figures are reconciled following query time. The track and decentralization in respect of each person or department makes the management easy and flexible.

The mechanism permitting the definition of report forms help users change the forms easily.

Key features

Set up a report form to submit according to each circular

Set up a formula for cross-check of reports.

Define source data for the system to produce reports automatically.

Set up report production and sending schedule

Create an email to notify events in the system

Manage report submission and report submission results

Configure and authorize users on the system.

Environment and technology

Contact about products

Hotline: (+84 28) 3 9295 666

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